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    Vancouver, BC

    Sebastian Salas

    Passionate about being a husband, father, and lover of the outdoors.

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Family and Kids


The moment.

Cherish what you have right here, right now.

Stop, listen, watch; they are your reflection and emanate your best and your worst.

Love every second; every minute; every day.




I am preoccupied with it; the simplicity and how un-natural it has become for the modern body. The inefficiencies exuded by 99.9% of us, reinforces this.

Running is the purest form of movement that we can engage in. It is us, alone, against all.

Each step is unrepeatable and unique.

Running. You are cruel but you free the body and the mind and for that, I cannot object.


Thoughts on things. Just a place to create inspiration.


= husband and father of 2 young ones.

They are the rock, inspiration and motivation.

I raced as a professional cyclist for a number of years and experienced the thrills, dangers, triumphs and defeats of what it means to be a cyclist. I was able to achieve some success as a professional cyclist in the form of capturing the 2012 Tour of California King of the Mountain Jersey.

= current Grouse Grind record holder (in a time of 23:48).

If you are interested in training or training advice, please contact me below.

Join my family for dinner or a training run! The doors are always open.

2016 – the year of enjoying the ride/run/swim

In 2016, I decided to continue my with my passion for endurance sports and began racing a mix of running / cycling and triathlon. I attempted to completely step away from social media as it separates the individual from themselves. It allows the public to come to their own opinion of an individual, distinct from their identity and essence.

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Vancouver, BC

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